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GEOSPAN - a structural subdivision of the production company GEXA, specializing in cost-effective solutions for road construction using innovative geosynthetic reinforcement materials of its own production.

Today, GEOSPAN is:


Production complexes of "Gexa" company are located in Tver and Astrakhan regions.

The production branch in Toropetsky district of Tver region with the total area of 6 ha produces 12 000 tons of volumetric geogrid and more than 7200 tons of flat polymer threads annually.

The second production branch of LLC "Gexa-Lotos" is located in the Astrakhan region, in the special economic zone "Lotos". "Gexa" became a resident of the SEZ in 2017.

In November 2019, the first workshop for the production of geosynthetic materials began operating. In June 2021, the second production shop was launched. Thanks to this, the volume of production will grow fourfold to 8 million square meters per year. The new line is producing high-density geosynthetic materials for road construction.

You can virtually visit our production.

Production complexes in Tver and Astrakhan regions meet all modern requirements. Quality control covers all processes from the purchase of raw materials to the output of finished products. Production laboratories are equipped with equipment for testing of all the requirements for geosynthetic materials. International quality management system compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 is implemented and applied in all company divisions.

Engineering Center

All engineering solutions are developed taking into account economic feasibility of geosynthetic materials application. Calculations are performed in accordance with the provisions of the current regulatory documents both by analytical methods in the programs SREDO Slope, Settlement and GEO-5 and numerical analysis using the method of finite elements in the program Plaxis. If necessary, the leading scientific organizations are involved for consultation.

Specialists of the direction actively participate in industry conferences, exhibitions and meetings, where they get acquainted with the latest trends in the use of geosynthetics, participate in the work of the industry. The production company LLC "Hexa - nonwoven materials" is a member of associations ASDOR, RADOR.

All employees of Geospan take part in the annual advanced training. There is an exchange of experience, typical and non-standard engineering tasks are elaborated, communication between employees of all regional representative offices is strengthened.

All this allows you to solve all kinds of engineering tasks with high quality and at the same level.

More information about "Gexa ENGINEERING" LLC you can find in the corresponding subsection of our website.

Regional Representations

Availability of warehouse stocks in regional representative offices allows you to quickly start supplying materials to the object. Our own logistics service provides timely delivery of all the necessary volume of materials.

Purchase of materials in regional representative offices completely eliminates the risk of purchasing counterfeit products, ensuring compliance with the requirements of project documentation to geosynthetics materials. Each batch of materials receives a special number and is assigned to a specific construction site.

The use of the materials is coordinated with the industry agencies

Innovative geomaterials GEOSPAN work effectively in the construction of thousands of roads and railroads, runways, embankments and other objects throughout Russia.

Characteristics of materials are entered in the database of specialized software IndorPavement, developed by "IndorSoft".

Also our technical specialists perform engineering calculations in the programs CREDO RADON and Topomatic Robur.

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