Reconstruction of the M-18 "Kola" highway - from St. Petersburg through Petrozavodsk, Murmansk, Pechenga to the border with Norway (international automobile checkpoint "Borisoglebsk"). Entrance to Murmansk km 0+00 – km 14+297

  • Material used: Geospan TN
  • Task: road reconstruction

The design institute of OJSC Dorproekt and the design department of the road construction company CJSC VAD provided a protective and reinforcing layer of Geospan TN-40 woven geotextile in the pavement structure at the border of the sand and crushed stone layer instead of the imported geogrid based on the technical and economic comparison of design options. The proposed design of the pavement (asphalt concrete - 5 + 6 + 10 cm, the bearing base of the C-5 mixture - 40 cm, the protective and reinforcing layer "Geospan TN-40", an additional base layer of medium-sized sand - 40 cm, subgrade soil - fine sand) with the accepted design data meets the criteria of ODN 218.046-01, which is confirmed by the calculations of the pavement, taking into account the influence of the reinforcing effect from woven geotextiles. Comparative calculations of road options were carried out in the CREDO RADON software.

Fig.11. Calculation of pavement in the program CREDO RADON

The expediency of installing a reinforcing and separating layer "Geospan TN-40" instead of an imported geogrid at the contact "lower base layer from a mixture of C-5 - sandy additional base layer" was confirmed by the conclusion of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "ROSDORNII No. 01-14 / 0366" dated 10.10.2013 and was determined by the following factors:

  • high dynamic loads on roads with heavy and intensive traffic - creation of reinforcement of pavement, increasing shear resistance, that is, reducing the rate of accumulation of residual deformations, which leads to an increase in operational reliability and service life of the road structure;
  • compliance of geomaterial properties with GOST R 56338-2015 and recommendations of SP 34.13330.2012, in particular, the required strength for roads of categories I-II is at least 40 kN/m (Table D.2)
  • availability of harmonization of the standard of the FDA organization and protocols of laboratory tests in independent laboratories.

Construction work on this site was carried out by VAD CJSC in the period from 2014 to 2016.

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