Geospan OR

Volumetric geogrid

Erosion protection

Erosion protection



Efficiency and scope of application

Volumetric geogrids are used to reinforce the foundations of soil structures and protect against water and wind erosion of embankment slopes, cuts, and bridge cones. A combination of a geogrid with various types of geotextiles is often used. Depending on the task, certain combinations of materials are used. The choice of the optimal type of grid, type of geotextile for the substrate, installation method, number and length of fixing anchors is determined by engineering calculations individually for each project.

The use of Geospan OR (ORP) enables to:

  • extend the service life of pavement, increase overhaul intervals and reduce operating costs;

  • reduce construction time;

  • simplify and speed up work with weak soil;

  • eliminate the risk of uneven subsidence and frost heaving of the soil;

Application scope of Geospan OR (ORP):

  • providing anti-erosion protection of slopes of embankments and excavations;

  • ensuring the protection of cones of bridges and overpasses;

  • protection against destruction of the base of flooded embankments, including on fast currents;

  • reinforcement of weak foundations of embankments.

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Material Characteristics

TrademarkRib height, cmDiagonal (cell size), mm
OR 5520 (16×16), 30 (21×21), 40 (32×32)
OR 7.57,520 (16×16), 30 (21×21), 40 (32×32)
OR 101020 (16×16), 30 (21×21), 40 (32×32)
OR 151520 (16×16), 30 (21×21), 40 (32×32)
OR 202020 (16×16), 30 (21×21), 40 (32×32)

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