Geospan TN

Woven geotextile made of durable polymer fibers



Layer separation

Layer separation

Capillary interruption

Capillary interruption

Efficiency and scope of application

Woven geotextile by Geospan TN is produced on weaving equipment from durable polypropylene fibers, the basis for which is primary high-quality raw materials. Thanks to the proven production technology, raw materials, the materials have high strength, low elongation, which enables the materials to be used as separating-reinforcing layers to increase the bearing capacity of roads, embankments and other structures.

Can be effectively used in acidic or alkaline soils (limestone, alkaline, clayey soils, etc.). Geospan TN reinforcing geotextiles are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, water, fungi, rodents, insects, plant roots, vibration, temperature changes and other external influences.

The use of Geospan TN enables to:

  • extend the service life of pavement, increase overhaul intervals and reduce operating costs;

  • reduce construction time;

  • increase the resistance of coatings to dynamic and static loads, reduce the rate of occurrence of rutting, cracks, potholes, and dents;

  • simplify and speed up work with weak soil;

  • eliminate the risk of uneven subsidence and frost heaving of the soil;

  • reduce the time of consolidation and the value of the settlement of the embankment;

  • carry out construction on soft soils, swamps of any type or in permafrost conditions;

  • enables you to replace the chemical methods of stabilizing bases;

  • reduce transport and storage costs due to the compactness of the material;

  • quickly organize access roads and a working area for heavy equipment.

Application scope of Geospan TN:

  • reinforcement of embankments of roads, railways, airfields;

  • reinforcing of soil foundations for construction;

  • stabilization of soil foundations during the construction of retaining walls.

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Material Characteristics

Technical specificationsTN 20TN 25TN 33TN 40TN 50TN 80
Surface density (GOST ISO 9864), g/m2120140180240300380
Ultimate strength along the length, kN/m202533405080
Ultimate strength in width, kN/m202530405080
Material width5,35,35,35,35,25,2
Frost resistance (GOST R 55032), % not less than909090909090
Resistance to ultraviolet radiation (GOST R 55031), % not less than909090909090
Resistance to aggressive environments (GOST R 55035), % not less thanNo defects (cracks of fractures) at T −60°СNo defects (cracks of fractures) at T −60°СNo defects (cracks of fractures) at T −60°СNo defects (cracks of fractures) at T −60°СNo defects (cracks of fractures) at T −60°СNo defects (cracks of fractures) at T −60°С
Flexibility at negative temperatures (GOST R 55033)PG113PG113PG113PG113PG113PG113

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