18 January 2022

GEOSPAN in the Kaluga Region Infrastructure Development Project

On February 29, a meeting of the boards of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services, the Ministry of Roads of the Kaluga Region was held in Kaluga. During the meeting, the results of the work for 2019 were discussed and tasks for 2020 were set.

Before the start of the conference, the Interim Governor of the Kaluga Region toured the booths of companies involved in infrastructure development projects. Vyacheslav Markov, Head of the Engineering Center, and Sergey Styopin, Leading Sales Manager of TM Geospan, spoke on behalf of the "Gexa-Nonwoven Materials" company. In their report, they spoke about ten years of experience in the use of the "Geospan TN" company reinforcing geotextiles on the roads of the Kaluga region and effective measures to reinforce the foundations of highways on heaving soils. As examples of successful work, the reconstruction and overhaul of the Kozelsk-Khvastovichi and Kozelsk-Kudrinskaya roads were given. These routes have a length of more than 50 km and pass through the territory with complex areas of waterlogged and highly heaving clay soils.

Woven geotextile "Geospan TN" effectively blocks the capillary rise of moisture in the layers of the working layer of the subgrade and pavement located above. Due to the special structure and high initial strength of the material, frost swelling does not occur or becomes strictly uniform. Such a reinforcing effect is the result of the reactive pressure of the material on the soil at certain points of the subgrade, where heaving exceeds the average value for the site. The use of high-quality geotextiles makes the roads of the Kaluga region safer and more reliable.